An interview with: Randolph’s Leap


Randolph’s Leap are typically a Glasgow band, despite lead singer Adam Ross having moved up to Aberdeenshire, they still find the time to make their way into the city for practice sessions and gigs.

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Album Review: Simple Plan – Taking One For The Team


It’s been five years since their last album and pop/punk outfit Simple Plan (SP) are back with what they know best.

Taking One For The Team is like taking a step back in time to 2004 and Still Not Getting Any was the bands current flavour. Yes, this bunch of Canadians are hitting their 40s but they are doing what they know best and lead track ‘Opinion Overload’ proves that. It’s like ‘Shut Up’ part two and is full of teenage angst. It’s energetic and chock full of self-empowered lyrics promoting self-love and to give a damn about what everyone else thinks.

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Album Review: The Phoenix Foundation – Give Up Your Dreams


Let’s start by rehashing the past: Fandango was long, progressive and ambitious while Buffalo emphasised something new and quirky. So what have we got to look forward to with The Phoenix Foundation’s sixth studio album, Give Up Your Dreams? Revival comes to mind, which is quite appropriate with new drummer Chris O’Connor (replacing Richie Singleton) making his mark on his first LP with the band. Continue reading